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Early Feed Restriction and Ad Libitum Methods on Broiler Performance


The study was conducted to determine if there is a difference in performance broilers of two different strain fed one of three different levels protein with either ad libitum or restricted methods. The experiment used a factorial design with 2 strain, 2 feeding methods, 3 diets in different protein levels. 180 broiler chicks were allocated to 12 treatments with 3 replicates of 5 chicks/replicate. The experimental diets were diet with crude protein 20% as control, crude protein 19% and crude protein 18%. The feed consumption, body weight gain, and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were measured weekly. The results show that in both strains weight gain and feed conversion ratio of broiler fed restricted diet and adlibitum did not have any significant difference. Feed intake of broilers of both strains fed restricted diet formulated on low level protein diet was significantly higher than feed intake of those fed ad libitum formulated on standard protein level diets.

Keywords : ad libitum, broiler, restricted, low, protein

N.G.A MULYANTINI - Personal Name
St. Y. F.G Dillak - Personal Name
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Undana Press
Oktober 2018
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N.G.A MULYANTINI. (Oktober 2018).Early Feed Restriction and Ad Libitum Methods on Broiler Performance.(Repository UPT. Perpustakaan Undana). Retrieved from http://docrepository.undana.ac.id